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Welcome to AggieBuy

The new Business Purpose field in the General section of the AggieBuy cart checkout screen is a required 100-character field used to identify how the purchase supports teaching, research, or public service, and as applicable, how and why it's a COVID19 critical expense
Refer to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) page for updates on AggieBuy product availability and what we are doing to assist at this time.
  • It’s the easiest way to buy directly from contracted suppliers, complete with automatic payments
  • It’s the most streamlined purchasing process on campus, with the lowest overhead cost per transaction (see chart below comparing it with the other purchasing methods of using the Kuali Financial System and the Procurement Card)
  • It contains more than 35 of the most popular suppliers providing lab essentials and medical supplies, computing equipment and peripherals, office supplies, furniture, and more!

cost comparison chart for KFS PO, Procurement Card, and AggieBuy

Benefits of AggieBuy