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Why AggieBuy?

  • More supplier catalogs.
  • Ability to split fund at the individual item level.
  • A cleaner, easier to use system interface.
  • Ability for an approver to return an order for correction or to make edits directly to the order without having to disapprove the order.
  • Ability to purchase capital assets.

AggieBuy Routing

  • All AggieBuy requisitions require Fiscal Officer or Account Delegate approval.
  • The Requester and Fiscal Officer/Delegate cannot be the same person. 
  • The Department Approver role is OPTIONAL and routing occurs BEFORE Fiscal Officer approval routing.
  • The AggieBuy Purchase Order is not created and submitted to the supplier(s) until ALL approvals have been secured.

Getting Started in AggieBuy

As with any system, getting started involves understanding the "geography" of the system layout. Below are several tips and tricks that can help you get up to speed in AggieBuy in no time!

General Tips

Clicking on the AggieBuy logo in the upper left corner will always take you back to the homepage.

Magnifying glass icon (Quick Search)

  • Upper right-hand corner
  • Allows you to easily search for documents
  • A drop-down menu will appear, allowing you to narrow your search
  • Hot Key: Alt+Q

Binoculars icon (Menu Search)

  • Bottom left-hand corner
  • Allows you to search all of the menus on the left-hand ribbon at once
  • A lot easier than memorizing the breadcrumbs!
  • Unlike Product Search and Document Search, does not correct for misspellings
  • As you type, a list of options will appear
  • Hot Key: Alt+M

Star icon (Bookmarks)

  • Upper right-hand corner next to your name
  • Allows you to bookmark frequently visited pages


  • Upper right-hand corner
  • Can add your frequently used shipping and account information and set defaults (Defaults will pre-populate your requisitions, but you can override them).
  • Can edit your notification preferences.
  • Access recent orders you've processed.

Product Search and Document Search

  • Advanced search opens a window with many additional options for search criteria.
  • The search functionality is sticky – i.e. if you go to advanced search and leave it on advanced search, next time you go to document search it will automatically direct you to the advanced search (vs. simple search).
  • Fields allow partial entries – no asterisk required.
  • Most misspellings will be automatically corrected.
  • For fields that accept multiple values, you can copy and paste a list of values from Excel.