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New AggieSurplus Excess/Surplus Property Form Available Online!

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AggieSurplus is continually looking at ways to improve and streamline business processes. Process improvement often includes transitioning a paper form process to an online process, and that is what we have done with the AggieSurplus Excess/Surplus Property Form.   This form, previously available through UCD Buy, and required for the request of sales of departmental excess inventory, is now available online!

The new online AggieSurplus Excess/Surplus Property Form is available on the AggieSurplus Forms page.  The new form expedites the entry of data and eliminates the need to locate and complete the paper form!  Note: AggieSurplus will continue to accept requests on the paper form at this time and it is still available for purchase through the Central Storehouse catalog on UCD Buy


A few notes on the new online form:


  • The AggieSurplus Service Request form is to be completed FIRST, before the AggieSurplus Excess/Surplus Property Form is completed.


  • Once marketability has been determined and approval has been granted by AggieSurplus, the AggieSurplus Excess/Surplus Property Form can then be completed.


  • Only one (1) item can be requested for each AggieSurplus Excess/Surplus Property Form.


  • On the form, required fields are indicated with an asterisk.


  • Once the form is completed, an email copy will be sent to the form initiator.


  • AggieSurplus will be in contact with the form initiator/department contact person after the online form has been submitted with further information and instructions.


We hope the new online AggieSurplus Excess/Surplus Property Form makes your AggieSurplus processing a little bit easier!


Questions?  Contact the AggieSurplus team at