Aggie Enterprise: Purchasing Screens

This page provides some of the screens that will be used to process purchases in Aggie Enterprise. We will continue to add new screens as they are developed.  Visit the main Aggie Enterprise page for more information.

Aggie Enterprise Stacked Logo


Setting Requisition Preferences: This screen will be used to identify a default delivery location and your frequently-used account(s). The data identified on this screen will default on the Requisition.

Aggie Enterprise: Requisition Preference Settings


Shopping Options: This includes catalog shopping with punch-out catalogs and Requisition and Agreement Request options.  The available options will be based on the type of role and your assigned department.

Aggie Enterprise: Shopping Options


Requisition: This is where you identify the supplier, requested product or service and quantity.  If applicable, you can also cite and purchase against an existing purchase agreement.

Aggie Enterprise; Quantity Based Requisition


Requisition Options:  You can use a previous Requisition to create a new one (Duplicate), Edit, Cancel, or Withdraw a Requisition currently in routing.

Aggie Enterprise: Requisition Options


Requisition Searches:  The Manage Requisition screen allows you to search for Requisitions you or others have created, view the current routing status, and see the associated Purchase Order (if created).

Aggie Enterprise: Requisition Searches