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Amazon Business in AggieBuy

Amazon Business will be coming to AggieBuy! 

Amazon Business will be a punch-out catalog and won't be quite the same as the Amazon catalog you might use for your personal or other business-related purchasing, but will give you the ability to purchase a deeper and wider selection of items in AggieBuy.

How will it work?

The Amazon Business catalog will identify "preferred" items for UC Davis departments. Items that should not be purchased from Amazon will be identified as "blocked," along with an advisory message indicating the AggieBuy supplier who sells the desired item. Users will be required to manually enter Commodity Codes for many of the items purchased from Amazon.

Amazon User Profile

When you access the Amazon Business punch-out in AggieBuy for the first time, you will be required to set up your customer profile if you haven't used Amazon before, or to update your Amazon profile to be associated with your current email account.   Your "@ucdavis.edu" email account should be used for your Amazon Business purchases in AggieBuy, and NOT a personal email account.

Amazon Purchases Should Be Made in AggieBuy

Once Amazon Business goes live in AggieBuy, you should use it for your Amazon-related purchases. Amazon purchases should not be processed on a Procurement Card or in the Kuali Financial System (KFS).

Amazon Business will provide us with the best terms and conditions for Amazon purchases; Amazon Prime won't be an allowable expense.

We will keep you posted as the Amazon catalog implementation continues.