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Become an "Aggie Surplus-a-maniac!" Get up to the minute news on Hot Specials! Know when the goodies come in, keep up with what's going on at Aggie Surplus.

University Employees

Use the online form to subscribe to the Aggie Surplus e-mail list. 

Outside of UC Davis

  1. Send an e-mail addressed to: sympa@ucdavis.edu
  2. Leave the subject line blank
  3. In the body of the message type: subscribe surplus yourfirstname yourlastname
  4. Reply to the confirmation message you will receive
Note: Signature lines, images and backgrounds may result in an error e-mail from the Sympa service. This message won't prevent your subscription, but it is best to clear all "extras" from your subscription message.

Or just complete the sign-up sheet, the next time you visit us!

To Unsubscribe

  1. Send an e-mail to sympa@ucdavis.edu with the text: unsubscribe surplus