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Procurement Card Contacts

Mailing Address

UC Davis Accounts Payable
One Shields Ave
Davis, CA 95616-5270

Physical Address

260 Cousteau Place, Suite 150
Davis, CA 95618

Our Staff

Name Position / Responsibilities Contact

Robert Fischer 

Campus Procurement Card Coordinator

  • General questions about the purchasing card program, including the application process, the status of an application, or satisfying the training requirement.
  • Card charge/credit disputes.
  • To report lost/stolen cards.
  • To cancel a card when the cardholder is leaving the department.

Vartan Vartkessian Campus Procurement Card Program Administrator vvartkessian@ucdavis.edu


Additional Contacts

US Bank Customer Service
Online Customer Service
Contact to report a lost/stolen card, unauthorized charges, and disputed charges when resolution cannot be reached with the vendor.

Campus Police Department
Contact to report cards stolen while on campus property; for cards stolen off of campus property, report to the local police for that area.