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Travel Card Application Now Automated

We are excited to announce we have automated the Travel card application process, which in turn eliminates the paper application!

This new process is driven through Docusign and will be in place beginning June 6. The potential cardholder will still apply for the card using their CAS log-in and fill in all the required fields as well as complete the required Travel card training.

How it works:

  • Applicant completes the Travel Card online training
  • Applicant logs into the Travel card application using the CAS log-in (Kerberos authentication) and completes all required fields
  • (New step) The applicant identifies their department head in the application

After the cardholder signs via Docusign, the document will route via e-mail for electronic signature to the designated department head. After the department head signs the document electronically, the application is sent to the Banking Card services team where we will process the application with the bank. No further action is required by the cardholder or the department.               

Though this electronic application is only in place for the Travel card, we plan to implement the same technology for the Procurement Card soon.

As always please e-mail us at if you have any questions.