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N95 Respirators Available for Essential Outdoor Workers

As the Air Quality Index continues to be forecasted in the “Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups” range due to wildfire smoke, please note that Supply Chain Management has N95 respirators available for essential outdoor workers, health care workers and first responders. The respirators are in-stock, on campus, and can be purchased through the Central Storehouse.

To order, please visit AggieBuy and click on the Central Storehouse tile on the main dashboard and enter “N95” in the search bar. There are a few quantity options to choose from.  


Please note: N95 respirators are reserved for essential outdoor workers (responsive during a wildfire smoke event only), healthcare workers and first responders only. These are not for COVID-related use outside of patient-care. Face coverings and other materials for preventing the spread of COVID-19 are available through the Centrally Funded PPE tile on the AggieBuy main dashboard.

For information on current air quality, visit AirNow.