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Preferred Booking Program Transactions (> 1 year old)

Unreconciled Preferred Booking Program (formerly "CTS") expenses which have not been added to an AggieTravel report for over 1 year are no longer available for reconciliation.

These expenses were already charged to the department account when originally imported. As a reminder, all expenses must be reconciled in AggieTravel within 60 days of the trip or event end date. 

If there is a need to change the charge account for a PBP expense that is no longer available in AggieTravel due to its age, please complete a KFS General Error Correction (GEC) document. Please note: a GEC should only be processed when the transaction is no longer available in AggieTravel. 

For more information about the GEC document visit General Error Correction: Importing Accounting Lines Procedures or contact

For more information about the Preferred Booking Program direct-billing option, click here