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Changes to Travel, Procurement Card Policies

The Policy and Procedure Manual (PPM) was recently updated to include several important changes related to travel and the Procurement Card (P-Card).
Travel (PPM 300-10) revisions include:
  • Use of the Travel Visa card for unauthorized or personal expenses is prohibited.
  • Expenses incurred on behalf of a fiscal officer may not be charged to accounts which that fiscal officer is responsible for, without additional approval by a more senior financial official within the department, college or division.
  • Travelers who appear to be treating the daily meal limit as a per diem, by claiming the full amount or another fixed amount on a repeated basis without additional justification, will be required to provide supporting receipts for future meal claims, in accordance with BFB G-28.
  • Department head (or equivalent authority) is responsible for the resolution of outstanding issues or charges related to overdue unreconciled expenses.

P-Card (PPM 350-22) revisions include:

  • Cardholder now has 60 days to reimburse the university for purchases not related to a business need.
  • Removes the ability to purchase repairs and services with a P-Card.
  • Adds procedures for improper use of or management of the P-Card.

For questions regarding travel, contact; for questions about the P-Card, contact