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Centrally-Funded PPE Program CONTINUING

Finance, Operations and Administration (FOA) is continuing its Centrally-Funded Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) program into the new year.

A December 2021 Supply Chain Management newsletter article advised that the program would be ending at the end of December.  Good news!  After additional discussion and consultation, it has been determined that we have the necessary resources to continue the program for the foreseeable future.

A limited supply of PPE items continue to be available free of charge using the Centrally-Funded PPE tile under the AggieSupply header in AggieBuy.

Requests can be made using Account 3-PPECOVD and Project Code COVID19. Please remember that these items are for the purpose of disinfecting and preventing the spread of COVID in workspaces, not for research or clinical settings. 

Supply Chain Management will also continue to offer these items for purchase through our campus stores in the AggieSupply section of AggieBuy.  These items will also continue to be available to purchase from many other suppliers in AggieBuy.

We hope you find the program helpful. We appreciate supporting you in your efforts to keep our campus safe.

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