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Small and Diverse Supplier Expo: Thursday, April 13th, 2023

This is the informational page for the 2023 Small and Diverse Supplier Expo, scheduled for Thursday 4/13/23.  Mark your calendars now for this not-to-miss event!

Supply Chain Management, in partnership with the campus Office of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion and Health Equity, Diversity & Inclusion and UC Davis Health Procurement, look forward to continuing our conversations with the small and diverse business community.

This year's event will be held in-person:

This yearly event has several objectives:

  • Promote awareness of small and diverse suppliers in the Davis and Sacramento area and how UC Davis departments can do business with them.
  • Highlight programs supporting UC Davis' commitment to our small and diverse suppliers community.
  • Provide information on how small and diverse suppliers can find opportunities for working with UC Davis.
  • Describe how small and diverse suppliers can keep UC Davis updated with their latest product and service offerings.

Materials from 2022 Expo (PDFs)

  • Agenda
  • Break-Out Session 1
    • The California Tower and Anchor Institution Strategies (Slides)
    • Registering and Doing Business with UC Davis (Slides)
  • Break-Out Session 2
    • How to Become a Certified Small or Diverse Business with the State of California (Slides)
    • Design and Construction Management Contracts on the UC Davis Campus (Slides)
    • Small Business First Overview (Slides)
    • Locating Small and Diverse Businesses (Slides)

Materials from 2021 Expo (PDFs)


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