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2021 small and diverse supplier expo

2022 Small and Diverse Supplier Expo

Welcome to the 2022 Small and Diverse Supplier Expo information page!  Supply Chain Management, in partnership with the campus Office of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion and Health Equity, Diversity & Inclusion and UCDMC Purchasing, look forward to meeting with you and partnering with the small and diverse business community.

When and Where

  • The event will be held online.
  • Date and time will be announced soon!
  • More specific information will be coming soon!


This event has several objectives:

  • Promote awareness of small and diverse suppliers in the Davis and Sacramento area and how UC Davis departments can do business with them.
  • Highlight programs supporting UC Davis' commitment to our small and diverse suppliers community.
  • Provide information on how small and diverse suppliers can find opportunities for working with UC Davis.
  • Describe how small and diverse suppliers can keep UC Davis updated with their latest product and service offerings.


Agenda is to be posted soon.  Stay tuned!

Materials from 2021 Expo (PDFs)


Contact our Communications Team with any questions.