RFP Process Flow

The UP3 proposal process connects potential sponsors of campus units and programs with the UC Davis service contract process.


  1. Opportunity Assessment and Category Launch: Determine campus needs. Assess existing resources and engage with key campus stakeholders and potential partners.
  2. Development of Category Strategy: Convene Industry Working Groups to set specific priorities and criteria for request for proposal.
  3. Category Development and Distribution: Distribute final request for proposal to potential partners and bidders.
  4. Strategy Execution and Recommendations: Receive and evaluate bids. Select a company to enter into exclusive negotiations.
  5. Negotiation, Contract Finalization and Internal Communication: Negotiate and finalize the contract. Inform campus stakeholders and plan external communications.
  6. External Communication and Contract Activation: Partnership announcement to the public. Activation and fulfillment planning begins.

Process Visualization

Proposal process graphic

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