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How to Process

Each trip should be processed on its own reportdo not combine house hunting and relocation on the same report.

  • Use Event/Trip Purpose of House Hunting for house hunting
  • Use Event/Trip purpose of Relocation for relocation 
  • DO NOT MIX house hunting and relocation on the same report

With the exception of CTS expenses (airfare or lodging) booked before hiring, all relocation or house hunting trips should be reimbursed with an AggieTravel report initiated by the traveler using their employee ID.

What to Include:

Offer letter, signed by Department Head (staff) or Dean (academic)

  • Must show the total amount allowed for relocation (if amount is limited by policy, include a reference to the policy)
  • Must explicitly allow house hunting, if being claimed
  • Redact any sensitive information included in the letter (salary, etc.)

Required receipts, see Travel Policy G28

If submitting KFS DV-TEV, include the TEV-Relo form

Payments to suppliers

To pay a supplier invoice for relocation services, e.g. paying the moving company, process the payment through KFS using the DV document and the TEV payment reason code or using a Purchase Order. 

Use the Relocation TEV document found on the Travel & Entertainment Forms page.