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Troubleshooting Attaching Scanned Receipt Images

When attaching images, you may encounter a problem such as an inability to attach the image or view the image following the transmission.

Check the Service Status Dashboard or use the table below to determine the possible cause.

Error Message
No files selected There are no files to be uploaded in the Files selected for uploading list. Use the Browse button to select files to upload.
Completed The file is successfully uploaded. N/A
File Exceeds Size Limit The maximum file size is displayed in the Attach Files window. Refer to that information. Save the file in a different format or scan the file again at 300 dpi or lower to reduce the file size. For best results, scan or take a photo as a black and white picture with no more than 1024 x 768 image resolution.

NOTE: Do NOT attempt to compress the file using file compression software.
Upload Error The file was not successfully uploaded for unspecified reasons. Save the file in receipts as PNG, JPG, JPEG, PDF, TIF, or TIFF files formats only. 
Upload Error The file was not successfully uploaded for unspecified reasons. The upload process was not successful. You may attempt to upload the file in a new session. If this error continues, contact the Travel Help Desk
Session has expired. Please log on to the application again. The session has timed out due to inactivity over 24 hours. Close and log in again.
Unable to upload images at this time. There may have been an error in the application, or you may have clicked the Refresh button. Close this browser window and retry the image upload from within the application. The file was not successfully uploaded for a variety of reasons. Close and log in again.

For further assistance, refer to the Travel Help Desk.