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AggieTravel: Available Receipts Library

Receipts for transactions made with your Travel card automatically appear in the AggieTravel Available Receipts Library.

Email Registration for the Available Receipts Library

To allow your delegate to email images into your Available Receipts library, your email address and your delegate's email address must be verified in your respective profiles.

  • First, the delegate verifies his/her own email address: Profile → Profile Settings → Email Addresses
  • Then, you can verify your own email address or the delegate can initiate the verification process on your behalf, but the delegate cannot complete it. 
    To do so, the delegate – while working on your behalf – clicks Verify in your profile. Concur sends the verification email to you – not the delegate. Open the email and enter the verification code into your own profile.

When the process is complete, the delegate can email images on your behalf as described below.

Email Images to Your Available Receipts Library

To email images to your Available Receipts library, the delegate:

  1. Prepares an email to
  2. Enters only the user's verified email address in the Subject: line
  3. Attaches the images
  4. Sends the email

The system:

  • Confirms that both the delegate sending the email and the user in the subject line (you) have verified email addresses
  • Confirms that a delegate-to-delegator relationship exists between the sender (delegate) and the user in the subject line (you)


  • If both verification steps are found to be true, the image is added to your repository.
  • If the sender is not the delegate of the user in the subject line (you), the image is added to the delegate's repository.
  • If the delegate does not have a verified email address, the email is discarded.

Upload, view, delete images; use the Available Receipts library

A delegate can – while working as a user – upload, view, and delete images either directly or using your Available Receipts library.