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AggieTravel: Fax Receipt Images for an Expense Report

When faxing your receipts, the fax cover page must accompany each set of receipts, as the barcodes on the fax cover page identify the expense report to which the receipts are associated.

To fax your receipts:

  1. Complete your expense report as usual.
  2. Select Print → Fax Receipt Cover Page (or in one of the windows that appears after clicking Submit Report). The cover page appears.
  3. Click Print.  NOTE: Make sure the page is set to Portrait mode.
  4. After printing the fax cover page, click Close.
  5. Read the faxing instructions on the fax cover page and in Hints for Faxing below.
  6. Arrange the receipts in a clear plastic sleeve or tape them to a separate sheet of 8.5"x11" (or A4) paper for faxing.
  7. Place the fax receipt cover page – followed by the receipts – into a fax machine and transmit them using the Imaging number that appears on the fax cover page.

Once the fax is received and processed, the image should be available for viewing in Expense in about five minutes. To view the faxed receipts, select Receipts → View Receipts in new window or View Receipts in current window.


  • If you faxed the wrong receipts (before you submit your report), you can delete and try again.

Status Page

A status page may be appended to the PDF, indicating that files failed to process (for example, because of password protection or an incorrect file type).The status page does not provide file names or the reason for the failure. It does, however, indicate which file(s) failed, such as File #1 Succeeded, File #2 Failed, File #3 Succeeded. You can then review the PDF and determine which files need to be corrected and uploaded again.

Note the following:

  • If no files fail to process, there is no status page.
  • If some files fail to process, the status page appears with the successes and failures listed.
  • If all files fail to process, the PDF will consist of only the status page.

Hints for Faxing

  • Arrange the required receipts in a clear plastic sleeve or tape them to a separate 8.5" x 11" paper for faxing.
  • Multiple pages of receipts can be sent as long as the fax cover page associated with the report is positioned as the first page of the fax sequence.
  • Yellow receipts are typically not legible when faxed. Concur recommends that you make a photocopy of any yellow receipts and then fax the copy.
  • The fax cover page must appear as the first page in the transmission.
  • To submit additional receipts for the same expense report or if the receipts appear unclear, fax the receipts using the cover page associated with the same report as was used for the initial transmission. The receipts are appended to the earlier transmission.
  • If you click View Receipts and you receive an error message indicating that the browser does not recognize the format of the file or requests that you need to open the file by using another application, then you need to download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to install the browser plug-in. The error message supplies a link to the Adobe web site.
  • If you lose your fax receipt cover page, print another one from within the same report.
  • Delegates may be able to view receipt images for expense reports they are preparing on behalf of another Expense user.
  • An email notification can be sent to you indicating that a fax was successfully sent and is available for viewing.
  • Approving managers have access to the receipt images through the View Receipts link upon receiving a notification that an expense report is pending their approval.
  • You can fax and attach scanned images to the same expense report.