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AggieTravel: Delete Attached Receipt Images

You can delete images if the report has not yet been submitted, or if the report has been returned to you.

To delete receipts attached to a report, with the report open, click Receipts → Delete Receipt Images.

To delete receipts attached to an individual expense entry, do one of these:

  1. Hover over the receipt received icon, then click Detach from Entry
  2. Open the entry, click the Receipt Image tab, then click Detach from Entry


  • The entire set of receipts (PDF) will be removed from the report when deleting at the expense report level
  • For reports that have been returned to you:
    • AggieTravel creates an audit trail entry indicating that receipts have been deleted
    • If AggieTravel had marked the receipts as received in the audit trail, the delete process will mark the receipts as not received