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Adding Personal Information to AggieTravel Profile

Personal Information

  1. The traveler's name is prepopulated in the AggieTravel Profile. 
  2. If you choose to upload up a picture into your AggieTravel profile:
    1. Select Change Picture
    2. The Add User Photo screen will appear.
    3. Follow the instructions on the screen.
      Please note: the photo you upload will appear the following day. 

Company Information

The Employee ID field will already contain the traveler's UC Davis employee ID number. This field is not editable. 

Contact Information

Work Address

The Company Name field is already populated with The Regents of the University of California, On Behalf of its Davis Campus

Home Address

Your home address is not required in the AggieTravel Personal Information.

Phone Number

At least one phone number is required. You may input your UC Davis work phone number. If you do not have a specific work phone number assigned to you, you may input your department's main contact number.

contact info screenshot

Email Addresses

Your UC Davis email address will appear as Email 1. You will need to verify your email address in order to email receipts to AggieTravel. You may also add and verify additional email accounts. 

Verifying your email address will also enable you to receive system generated emails on behalf of your delegates!

email screenshot

Emergency Contact

The emergency contact information is not required, however, if you are traveling and experience an emergency, this information may be useful to UC Davis on your behalf.

Travel Preferences

Adding your passport information to your profile will allow BCD Travel to automatically include it in your reservations. Having this information in your reservation can make international travel a little easier.