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Your AggieTravel Profile is a two-step process. First update your ConnexUC profile, then update your AggieTravel profile.

Open the ConnexUC/AggieTravel Guide. 

To access your ConnexUC profile information:

  • From the AggieTravel home page, under Company Notes, click the ConnexUC link. If you do not see a ConnexUC link in the Company Notes section, click Read More.
  • Once inside ConnexUC, you'll click Edit Profile at the top of the page. Complete all required fields and save your ConnexUC profile. 

Updating your ConnexUC profile is recommended to save your personal travel information, some of which is required by the federal Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to fly.

To access your AggieTravel profile information:

Click Profile → Profile Settings. The Profile Options page appears.

Use the profile options to set or change your personal preferences. They include: