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AggieTravel: Certifying Expenses

Non-Employees must certify that they have transacted the expenses.

All non-employee travelers must sign the Non-Employee Traveler Certification to reconcile their travel expenses. The Non-Employee Certification is a document generated by AggieTravel. Access the certification from within the non-employee's AggieTravel expense report.

  • Select the Print/Email link, then choose Non-Employee Certification
  • The Non-Employee Certification form should be created after the report is fully prepared. This will ensure the non-employee traveler is certifying all expenses incurred in the trip. 

Signing the Certification

Electronic Signature

The non-employee traveler may electronically sign the Non-Employee Certification form by using a certified electronic signature, e.g. the signature option available in Adobe Acrobat. Simply save the certification as a PDF and email it to the non-employee traveler. They can certify and return the form by email. The certified form can be uploaded directly into the AggieTravel expense report. See Attaching Documents for information on attaching PDF and other file formats to AggieTravel expense reports. Please note: simply typing a signature onto the document does NOT satisfy the signature requirements. A certified e-signature must be used. 

Traditional Signature

The non-employee traveler may traditionally sign the Non-Employee Certification form. The travel delegate can print the Non-Employee Certification form and obtain a signature from the non-employee traveler. The form can then be attached to, emailed or faxed into, the AggieTravel expense report.