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AggieTravel: Create a Non-Employee Traveler

Only UC Davis employees can set up a non-employee traveler.

Non-employee travelers should be created in AggieTravel by someone whose home department is the same as the department funding the travel (as opposed to an employee on temporary assignment) so that the default department head approval routing is correct.

Temporary Employment Staff should NOT create Non-Employee profiles. 
  1. Log into AggieTravel 
  2. Under Company Notes, click on UC Davis Non-Employee application
  3. Click Add Sponsored Non-Employee. Complete the required fields (i.e., fields marked with a red asterisk)
  4. Add Additional Delegates so that others can prepare the traveler's expense reports (the person setting up the traveler automatically becomes a delegate)
    • NOTE: Search for delegates by typing their last name
    • Temporary Employment Staff may be added as a delegate to act on behalf of the non-employee.
  5. Click Submit

If completed before 4:00 p.m. the Non-Employee traveler will appear on your delegate list the following business day.