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Reimbursement Methods

When completing the report header, the Reimbursement Method must be selected to determine how the reimbursement will be delivered. 

Below is an explanation of each reimbursement type:

1. Direct Deposit/Paper Check

All UC Davis staff should enroll in Direct Deposit for Reimbursements. This enrollment is separate from payroll direct deposit. Click on the video on the right for more information.

2. Mail to Department

There are special instances when a traveler needs a paper check delivered to their home department. Keep in mind for travelers who work for more than one department, the check will be mailed to their home department code as defined in the Payroll Personnel System (PPS).

3. Mail to Address in Profile

When option 3. Mail to Address in Profile, is selected, the system will pull the address information from the users AggieTravel - Profile - Expense Information screen. Ensure this information is accurate before submitting a report.

4. Bank Draft/Wire Transfer

When a guest traveler requires reimbursement to a foreign bank by draft or wire transfer, there is a two-step process required.

  1. Choose option 4. Bank Draft/Wire Transfer in the report header.
  2. Complete the Bank Draft/Wire Transfer form.


Once submitted and fully approved, the Quality Assurance processing team will send the expense report to the Accounts Payable Disbursement team. The AP Disbursement team will process the bank draft or wire transfer.