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AggieTravel: Allocating Expenses

The Allocations feature in AggieTravel allows you to allocate expenses to accounts, which will be charged for those expenses. You can allocate single or multiple expenses.

You can:

  • Allocate one or more expenses
  • View allocations
  • Work with allocation favorites

Allocate one or more expenses

Allocate One at a Time
  1. While creating or editing a single expense, click Allocate at the bottom of the Expense tab.
  2. To allocate multiple expenses, select the desired expenses on the left side of the page. Then either:
  3. Click Allocate the selected expenses on the right side of the page.

- or -

  1. Click Details → Allocations.
  2. The Allocations for Report window appears.
     allocations window in aggietravel
  3. The total expense amount, the amount allocated, and the amount remaining appear in the Allocations section.
  4. From the Allocate By list, select Percentage or Amount.
  5. Select from the lists or type the appropriate information in the fields. 
  6. Add as many allocations as necessary.
  7. You can adjust the amounts and percentages. 
  8. Click Save.
  9. For the confirmation message, click OK.
  10. Click Done. The allocation icon appears with the expense.
    • If the expense is 100% allocated, the  icon appears with the expense.
    • If the expense is not 100% allocated, the  icon appears with the expense.
Allocate a Group of Expenses
  • If you select and allocate one or more expenses, Expense considers that to be a group and gives that group the number 1.
  • If you select and allocate one or more different expenses, Expense considers that to be a group and gives that group the number 2.
  • Then, if you want to edit the allocations of group 2, instead of re-selecting the individual expenses, click Select Group and then click 2. Those expenses and their current allocations appear on the right side of the page, ready for editing. Make the desired changes.
  • Expense can track up to 4 groups of allocated expenses on each report.

View one or more allocations

To view the allocation of a single expense, hover the mouse pointer over the allocation icon (appears with the expense in the expense list on the expense report page). The allocation information appears.

There are two views of the summary of all allocations on an expense report from the Allocations for Report window:

  • Summary View: By default, a Summary button appears either on the window or on the View menu if the View All feature is enabled (described next). This view shows all report allocations in summary view, with subtotals.
  • View All View: The View All command appears on the View menu of the Allocations for Report window next to the Summary command. Click the command to view the allocation information.

Work with Allocation Favorites

You can create and save groups of allocations as favorites. This is useful if you need to allocate multiple expenses across reports in a similar way.

To create allocation favorites:

  1. Create an expense report and create the allocations.
  2. In the Allocations for Report window, click Add to Favorites. The Add to Favorites screen opens.
  3. Enter an allocation name and click Save. The allocation is added to your favorites.

To assign your allocation favorites:

  1. Create a new expense report.
  2. Click Allocate.
  3. Click Favorites. A list of allocation favorite(s) displays.
  4. Select the desired allocation and click Save.
  5. Click OK and then Done.