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AggieTravel: Delegates

The Delegates feature allows an employee (delegate) to act on behalf of another traveler (delegator).

Please note that the Account Delegate data in the Kuali Financial System (KFS) is not used by AggieTravel.  In other words, being an account delegate in KFS does not grant you AggieTravel delegate access.

If you have a business need to regularly review travel reports for various employees in your department, you should be set up as an AggieTravel delegate.

An employee can work as a delegate in AggieTravel if the delegator has designated the user as an Expense Delegate.  Review the video before to learn more about how to do so.

Actions Available to Delegates:

Based on the choices made by the delegator, the delegate can do any or all of these tasks:

  • Prepare, print, view, and edit expense reports, authorization requests, or cash advances
  • Approve expense reports (if the delegator is an approver)
  • View and attach receipts
  • Change profile information for your delegator

Video: Assigning Delegates