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Attach an Attendee List

Use this option for large events with many attendees, such as events open to the public or those with invitations to an entire department.

For these events, it is not necessary to input every attendee name in AggieTravel. Instead, simply attach the list of attendees, Outlook invitation, or flyer as a receipt attachment.

To attach a list of attendees:

1. Select Advanced Search

attendees advanced search
search attendee type


2. On the Search Attendees tab, choose the Attendee Type: Group Event 10+ Attendees

3. Enter the Event Name then click "Search"

  • If your event appears in the search results, select the event and then click Add to Expense.
  • If your event does not appear in the search results, select New Attendee and create your event.
add new event


4. Enter the number of attendees in Attendee Count and the number of No Shows. AggieTravel will automatically calculate the per-person amount spent.

group count