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AggieTravel: Importing Attendees

You can import a list of attendees from an Excel spreadsheet into an expense report instead of entering the attendees individually. This feature benefits users who manage a large number of attendees, for example, at seminars or department functions.

  • Click the Import button
    • In the New Expense tab or the Expense tab, the Import button will be on the left side of the Attendees section.  The Upload Your Data page of the Attendee Import window will then appear.


  • To complete the template spreadsheet:
    • Click the link to access a template spreadsheet.
    • Save the spreadsheet to your computer or network.
    • Open the worksheet in Excel.
    • Enter the attendee information.
    • Save.


  • To import the completed worksheet into Expense:
    • On the Upload Your Data page of the Attendee Import window, click Browse.
    • Locate the completed spreadsheet.
    • Click Next. The Preview page of the Attendee Import window appears, which displays the imported attendee information.


  • Review the information for accuracy.
    • If the information is correct, click Next.
    • If the information is not correct, click Cancel, correct the worksheet, and import again.


  • AggieTravel checks for errors.
    • If there are errors, the View Errors page of the Attendee Import window appears. Any attendees that appear on this page will not be imported.
    • If you want the attendees listed on this page to be imported, click Done, correct the worksheet, and import again.
    • If you do not want the attendees listed on this page to be imported (perhaps you have decided to add them later in AggieTravel - manually, without using the import), click Next.


  • AggieTravel checks for duplicates.
    • If there are possible duplicates, the Resolve Duplicates page of the Attendee Import window appears. Then: NOTES:
    • Possible duplicates from the worksheet appear in the top part of the window.
    • Existing attendees appear in the bottom part of the window.
    • If a possible duplicate (from the worksheet) truly is an existing attendee, select the attendee in the bottom part of the window and click Use Selected Attendees.
    • If the possible duplicate (from the worksheet) is not an existing attendee, click Continue Adding New Attendee.
    • Attendees that are missing required fields can now be imported. The attendees must have at least the Last Name and Attendee Type fields completed. The user can add all other required fields to the attendee record after import.
    • Attendees that are in your Favorites are not treated as duplicates, providing that the attendee record appears once, and only once, in your favorite attendees.
    • When the system checks for possible duplicates, it is first looking for an exact match on the External ID. The External ID is unique to each attendee. It is generally the attendee ID obtained from the client's HR or CRM system and is not likely to be included in the worksheet.
    • Attendees of type SYSEMP (Employee), where the user is not allowed to create a new attendee record, can now be imported and will be matched to one existing employee record.
    • Attendee types where the user may not create a new attendee record but may search for attendees from a University-managed list may be included in the import file. The system will attempt to find a match with existing attendees in the system, and will fail the record if no match is found.
    • If AggieTravel finds more than one possible duplicate (so that several names are listed at the top and bottom of the page), review each one individually.


  • When done, click Next. The final page appears.   On this page, this information appears:
    • Skip: A skip occurs if an attendee is added to an expense and then you import the same worksheet with the same attendee to the same expense.
    • Failed: The system detected that there was an error and you elected to not import that attendee.
    • Duplicate: As described previously, the system compares information from the attendees on the worksheet to the attendees already in the system. If the External IDs are not an exact match, you are asked to indicate if the imported attendee truly is a duplicate.
    • Click Done.
    • The attendees are imported into the expense.