AggieExpense: Request

The Request feature serves two purposes: obtain prior authorization to travel, and/or obtain a cash advance for a traveler who is ineligible for a Travel Card. 

Please remember, it is expected that cash advances and vendor pre-trip payments will be settled with the UC Davis Travel Visa card. If the vendor does not accept credit cards, please request the payment using the KFS Disbursement Voucher.

Create a New Request

On the Quick Task Bar: 

  1. Click New → Start a Request.
  2. The Request page appears, with the Request Header open.
  3. On the header, complete all required fields and the optional fields.
  4. Click Create Request.
  5. Click Add to add the estimated expenses. 
    1. Click Allocate at the top of the Description field to enter the chart string (only required if requesting a Cash Advance). 
  6. If requesting a Cash Advance, click Request Details, then Add Cash Advance
    1. Enter Cash Advance Amount and Cash Advance Justification
    2. Click Save
  7. Click on Submit Request

Request Routing

  • A travel request that does not include a cash advance routes:
    • Traveler → Department Approver
  • A travel request that includes a cash advance request routes: 
    • Traveler → Fiscal Officer → Department Approver → Cash Advance Administrator

If the request is approved, the user associates the approved request with the expense report that contains the actual trip expenses – as proof that the expenses were pre-approved.