AggieExpense: Delegate Receipt Options

Delegates can email receipts directly to their Delegators Profile

Email to Available Receipts library in AggieExpense

  1. The delegate verifies their own email address 
  2. Then, you (the delegator) verifies your own email address
  3. When the process is complete, the delegate can email images on your behalf as described below.

Email images to your Available Receipts library

  1. The Delegate
    1. Prepares an email to
    2. Subject Line = delegator's email address, only
    3. Attaches the images
    4. Sends email
  2. As a result:
    • The image is added to the delegator's Available Receipts
  3. Upload, view, delete images using the Available Receipts library


  • If the sender is not the delegate of the user in the subject line (you), the image is added to the delegate's Available Receipts.
  • If the delegate does not have a verified email address, the email is discarded