AggieExpense: Non-Employee Traveler

A Non-Employee Traveler is an individual not paid through UCPath, who is to be reimbursed for travel or entertainment expenses. 

Examples of non-employee travelers:

  • Guest speakers/lecturers
  • UCD Students who are not on payroll
  • Recruitments

The sponsoring department should book the following to limit out-of-pocket expenses:


Airfare should be booked through AggieExpense by the sponsoring delegate using the "Book for a Guest" feature. 

  • Please add the non-employee traveler ID in the field titled "Enter the arranger's traveler ID...". The expense will import into the non-employee's profile, where the delegate can create and submit the report on their behalf. 


Payment for shuttle services from the airport to the non-employee's destination can be processed on  an employee's Travel card. Visit Best Practices: T&E Card (PDF) for more details.


Local lodging should be booked and paid using the Preferred Booking Program

Out of Pocket Expenses

Other expenses incurred by the non-employee traveler should be paid out of pocket and reimbursed at the conclusion of the trip. For information about accommodating travelers who cannot pay out of pocket, please contact the Help Desk.