AggieExpense: Copy an Expense Report

In AggieExpense, you can copy an entire expense report - once it has been submitted - and then edit the copy as needed.

How to Copy an Expense report

  1. On the home page, in the Quick Task Bar, click the Open Reports task.
  2. Instead of clicking a tile, click Report Library on the right side of the page, just above the tiles.
  3. Select the check box to the left of the desired report.
  4. Click Copy Report.
  5. At this point, you can either:
    • Click OK. This copies the report as Copy of <filename> and automatically increments the date of each expense by one day.
    • Or you can enter the following information:
      • In the Report Name field, enter the desired name of the report.
      • The First User-Defined Date field is a read only field displaying the oldest transaction date in the list of entries for the old report.
      • In the New Starting Date for Entries field, enter the desired starting date of the new report entries. The system calculates the remaining entry on the new report based on the new starting date (that is, number of days difference and then increments the date for each entry on the new report by the same number of days).
      • Click OK. The report is copied with the new name and information.


  • Delegates and proxies for specific users can use this function as long as they have the rights to create reports. 
  • If an entry cannot be copied over, the user receives a message about the issue.
  • If none of the entries can be copied over (for example, travel allowance fixed expenses), then the report header is copied but there are no expense entries.

Information that will not be Copied

Information that is unique to each expense is not copied, this includes:

  • images
  • audit trails
  • comments
  • payment confirmation history

Example: The employee has a report called Business Meeting. It has two expense entries for 11/6/2019, Lunch and Parking. The user copies the report (as described below).

AggieExpense performs the following actions:

  • Creates a new report called Copy of Business Meeting
  • Allows the user to modify the name of the new report
  • Allows the user to set the Starting Date of the expense entries. This date is used as the transaction date of the copied entries.
  • Copies over the attendees associated with the Lunch entries.
  • Copies over the allocations associated with the entries.