AggieExpense: Allocating Expenses

Allocation feature in AggieExpense allows you to allocate expenses to one or more accounts. 

You can:

  • Allocate one or more expenses
  • View allocations
  • Save allocations as favorites

Allocate while adding an expense

Allocate One at a Time
  1. While creating or editing a single expense, click Allocate at the top the page, right above Expense Type.
  2. Click Add. Start typing the chart/account and it will display at the bottom. Click on it and click Save.
    Add allocation
  3. The selected chart string will be added. Click Save

Allocating multiple expense at one time

This can be done once all of the expenses have been added to the report. 

  1. Click on the white checkbox to the left of the headers to select all, or select specific expenses.
    Allocate multiple
  2. Click Allocate

Work with Allocation Favorites

You can create and save groups of allocations as favorites. This is useful if you need to allocate multiple expenses across reports in a similar way.

To create allocation favorites:

  1. Create an expense report and create the allocations.
  2. In the Allocations for Report window, click Add to Favorites. The Add to Favorites screen opens.
  3. Enter an allocation name and click Save. The allocation is added to your favorites.

To assign your allocation favorites:

  1. Create a new expense report.
  2. Click Allocate.
  3. Click Favorites. A list of allocation favorite(s) displays.
  4. Select the desired allocation and click Save.
  5. Click OK and then Done.