AggieExpense: Preparing Expense Reports as a Delegate

If you have been assigned to work as a delegate, your delegator will define which tasks you can complete, such as preparing and submitting reports.

To work as a delegate:

  1. Click Profile.
  2. Click Act on behalf of other user, if the option appears.
  3. Enter the desired delegator's name in the search field.
  4. Select the desired delegator.
  5. Click Start Session. (Notice that the Profile menu now reads Acting as and shows the name you just selected.)
  6. You are now officially working on behalf of that person. Complete the normal processes of creating reports, printing, etc.

To chose a different user, follow the same steps but click a different name.

To return to your own tasks, click Acting as and then Done acting for others. (Notice that the Profile menu now appears.) 

When the report is ready for the delegator to review and submit, click the Ready for Review button. 

Remember, the delegator must have a verified email address to receive system emails.