AggieExpense: Report Approvals

There are two types of reports that can be approved in AggieExpense; a Request (which may include a Cash Advance), or an Expense Report. 

Access your approvals

You can access your approvals in two ways:

  1. On the menu, click Approvals.
  2. In the My Tasks section of the home page, click the Required Approvals heading, which reflects the number of items that require your attention.

Request Approvals

The request approver can approve the authorization request "as is," or send the request back to the employee to edit and/or add/delete information.

Expense Reports

As an approver, you should view receipts, verify the account allocation(s) is accurate, and that the expense is appropriate for meeting business needs.


  • Approve an expense report "as is"
  • Attach additional receipt images or documentation to the report - This process is similar to attaching receipts to your own expense reports. Follow the steps in Attach Receipt Images.
  • Adjust expense account allocations:
    1. Click the Allocate button. Adjust the accounting string.
    2. Click Save. The allocation icon appears with the expense.
    3. To approve the report with the revised accounting string, click Approve.
  • Send an expense report back to the employee:
    1. Click Send Back to Employee. The Send Back Report window appears.
    2. Enter a detailed comment for the employee, explaining why you are returning the report.
    3. Click OK.