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Ship-Out Program

The information on this page will be changing once AggieShip is implemented. 
Click here to learn more about the AggieShip program.

The Central Storehouse Ship-Out Program assists campus departments with:

  • coordination of outbound shipments to ensure Federal regulations are met
  • preparation of bills of lading
  • arrangement for shipment of packages
  • assistance with Customs declarations

Departments are responsible for packing materials for shipping, preparing a UC Davis Shipping Memo for each outbound shipment, obtaining a vendor's return authorization (if applicable), and placing address labels on all packages.


UC Davis Shipping Memo

The UC Davis Shipping Memo is required for all outbound shipments:

  1. Fill out the PDF version of the form
  2. Print two copies and leave them with the outbound shipment.
  3. One copy will be signed and returned to you when we pick up your shipment.

Express Shipments

There is a daily deadline of 3:00 pm for all letters and packages that need to be processed for next day delivery. The university has an agreement with FedEx for discounted rates and convenient pick-up. One method is to use  online scheduling request system for FedEx shipments, you will need a UCD login and Kerberos password. The system is also accessible from AggieBuy, by choosing FedEx from the Links menu.Departments may also use UPS and DHL. For specifics about express mail vendors, please refer to the FedExUPS, and DHL web sites.

Shipments presented without an airway bill must be accompanied by a UC Davis Shipping Memo

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Export Shipments

All international shipments must comply with export control regulations.

To ensure compliance all commodities other than documents must be screened prior to shipment. Clearance can be obtained by emailing the Research Compliance and Integrity (RCI) unit located in the Office of Vice Chancellor of Research . Please provide the name of the PI or faculty, sponsor of the research, title of the research project and the SPO project number if applicable.

In addition to commodity clearance a Restricted Party Screening will also be processed on the consignee.

International shipments require additional documents to clear US and International Customs. For international shipments via FedEx, UPS or DHL, please complete the UC Davis Customs form. For shipments sent through the US Postal Service, please complete the appropriate USPS Customs form for the item(s) you are sending.

For additional information please email or call 530-752-2077.

Additional Resources

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Hazardous Material Shipments

Hazardous materials (including dry ice) must be packaged, marked, labeled, and certified to meet Federal regulations. In addition, there are federally mandated training requirements for those individuals involved in the packaging and shipment of hazardous materials. For more information please visit the Department of Transportation's webpage.

Mail Services offers shipping service limited to non-infectious human/animal samples, dry ice shipments and hazardous materials in excepted quantities.

All other hazardous materials shipping is facilitated by Environmental Health and Safety. To request shipping services for all other hazardous please completed a Hazardous Material Information Sheet (PDF) and email to Environmental Health and Safety.

Environmental Health and Safety will assist with classification, packaging and transportation of your hazardous materials shipment to Mail Services for shipment.

Dry Ice Shipments

Dry Ice shipments are considered hazardous materials and must be prepared in accordance with the US Department of Transportation (DOT) and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) regulations. 

In addition, any person preparing, packaging or offering dry ice for transport must be certified to do so under Title 49, Subpart H, §172.700-172.704

Online certification training for dry ice is available via the Learning Management System.
Once training has been completed you may reference the Dry Ice Job Aid for additional/refresher information on the packaging and shipping of dry ice.

Hazardous Packaging

Hazardous Materials packaging is available for purchase from UCD Central Storehouse through AggieBuy, catalog numbers 89221-201, 89395-101, 89395-100.

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Freight Shipments

Freight service is available through the Central Storehouse for shipments greater than 151lbs - please email Mail Services or call 530-752-2077 for assistance with this service.

Service Specifics:

  • Single or multiple-piece freight must be banded or shrink-wrapped to skids prior to delivery to storehouse
  • Skids can weigh 151-1,500 lbs. each
  • Maximum size: 70" in height, 119" in length and 300" in length and girth combined
  • For all outgoing shipments, a completed and signed UC Davis Shipping Memo is required

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