Using AggieShip (Instructions)

This page provides instructions on navigating AggieShip.

Before using AggieShip, review the How To Ship page for general shipping information.  Also, check out the AggieShip Quick-Start Guide (PDF) to get you up and running quickly in AggieShip!

AggieShip is for official business use/business shipments ONLY.

Default Account Information

Account information is now entered on a separate screen in AggieShip, as part of the new UC Chart of Accounts implementation.  You are required to enter a General Ledger (GL) account or Project Portfolio Management (PPM) chart string as indicated on the screenshots below.  Note: A default account can still be saved to your user profile. After completing the required fields (identified with the pink color and exclamation mark), click on the AggieShip logo in the upper left corner to continue the shipping process with the AggieShip Wizard as described in the following section.

Customers can update their shipment account number by clicking the magnifying glass and selecting "Update Default Account Info". 

AggieShip: Menu Item for Updating Default Account


AggieShip: PPM Data Entry


AggieShip: General Ledger Data Entry

Updating Default Account Information from the Main Menu

Customers can update their shipment account number by clicking the magnifying glass and selecting "Update Default Account Info". It was previously under the Star icon.

AggieShip Shipping Wizard

After logging in to AggieShip with your campus user ID and Kerberos passphrase, select one of the AggieShip wizards indicated below to begin your shipping request

AggieShip Module Purpose
Domestic Shipments (No Hazardous Shipments) Creating domestic shipments for non-hazardous materials ONLY.  No training required.
International Shipments (Documents, Books, UC Davis Promotional Items, Course Materials) Creating international shipments for documents or books, UC Davis marketing/promotional materials, or course materials ONLY (No Technology/No Batteries).  Training required before access granted.
Domestic Hazardous Shipments (Dry Ice, Category B, Excepted Quantities) Creating domestic shipments including Dry Ice, Category B, GMO/GMMO, or excepted quantities of dangerous goods ONLY.  Training required before access granted.
Create All Other Shipments Creating international shipments for other than documents or books UC Davis Marketing/Promotional Material AND ALL other shipment types.  You will be required to complete a Google document with additional information for license determination.  See the Create All Other Shipments flowchart for more information.

After clicking on the desired shipment type, the requested screen will display.  Required fields are highlighted in light blue.  If you forget to complete a required field, the system will prompt you to complete it.  Each screen has the following sections:

Ship To

  • Each time you create a shipment, you have the option to save the address to an address book.  This option is very useful if you frequently ship to the same location.
  • When entering a Ship To address, be sure to use the correct postal addressing standardsPO Boxes should NOT be entered, as third-party shippers cannot ship to these addresses.
  • The Tel field should include a contact number for the recipient or other person who can assist with any questions that may arise with the shipment.  Format: 1+area code+7-digit phone number; e.g., 15307521011.
  • Entering an Email address will provide the recipient with email updates on delivery status.
  • You can add multiple email addresses, separated by a comma, up to 50 characters total allowed in the field, to notify multiple recipients.

Package Details

  • Package Contains will default to one package. Enter dimensions for shipment and weight. Note: For a multi-piece shipment, check the “Multiple Packages” box. The dimensions section will collapse once selected, but will display on the next page for completion.
  • If the Insurance box is checked, the dollar amount of the insurance is to be entered.

Shipment Details

  • Promised Time refers to the local time zone for the delivery and defaults to “Before End of Day.

Ship From

  • The Shipper Address defaults to the One Shields Avenue address that should be used for deliveries made from the Davis campus. 
    • Clicking on the lookup icon will allow you to select a UCD Health Sciences address from deliveries made from UCDMC in Sacramento, and an OTHER option that can be used to manually enter another ship from location that is NOT the Davis or UCDMC campus.
  • Including an E-Mail address will provide you with delivery status updates via email and is recommended.

After Completing the Shipping Screen

  • For all shipment types, except Create Other Shipment, you will be able to view and select the shipping option that best meets your desired shipping criteria. 
  • The lowest cost option will be auto-selected. You can select an option other than the lowest cost option, but you will be required to indicate the business reason why the lowest cost option was not selected.

After Selecting the Delivery Option

A screen with additional delivery options will display. Please note that most of these options incur additional charges/fees.

Printing the Shipping Label and Completing the Shipment

A confirmation screen with the bar code label for the shipment will display with a pop-up window that will allow you to open the shipping label and print.  Click on the View Printer Friendly Version link for label printing.

Note: You can re-print a label or cancel a shipment if needed by clicking on the Shipping header in the upper left corner and select Re-Print Label or Cancel Shipment.  There you can search the label/shipment by reference number or tracking number. To re-print, click the Adobe symbol to view and print. To cancel, select the shipment by clicking the circle on the left and click the blue “Cancel Shipment” button near the top.