AggieShip Routing, Tracking, and Reporting

Learn more about how AggieShip orders route, as well as how to track previous transactions.


  • Recipients are screened for compliance, as part of the routing process.  The AggieShip team is notified of issues with a delivery location or recipient (such as an embargo), and will reach out to the shipping customer for further assistance.
  • Shipments are automatically approved when the shipping label is generated. The fiscal officer assigned to the account receives an email notification that their account has been used for shipment.  If an incorrect Aggie Enterprise account number is used, the fiscal officer can request it be updated by completing the Account Update form.
  • Shipment types generated via the CREATE OTHER module route to the AggieShip team for review, approval, and processing.  Processing time is typically 1 to 3 business days, depending on the complexity of the shipment.

Shipment Tracking and Reporting

AggieShip Tracking

Click on the Shipping header in the upper left corner and select either View Shipments or Track Shipments

  • The View Shipments drop-down is for viewing and tracking shipments you have generated.
  • The Track Shipments drop-down can be used to search for any shipment by tracking number, regardless of whether or not you generated the shipment. This option is ideal for fiscal officers looking for more information on shipment charges.  See the PDF Step-by-Step Guide on using the Track Shipments functionality.

There are a variety of search criteria for which you can locate past shipment requests.  Once you have selected your desired search criteria, hover over the option to add more specific search information. In the cases where a tracking number has been issued, you can click on it to get more information from the specific carrier (UPS, FedEx, DHL).