Servicing for Customer-Owned Gas Cylinders

This page provides instructions on processing gas refills for customer-owned cylinders.

The Central Storehouse is only able to process gas cylinders purchased in AggieBuy and rented through the Storehouse. 

If you have a customer-owned cylinder, the process below is to be used for ordering gases.

NOTE: Airgas no longer provides reoccurring cryogas orders, refills and connections of cryogas.

Create KFS Requisition Citing Airgas Agreement

Starting the Process

  1. Complete a Requisition in the Kuali Financial System (KFS) to Airgas, citing one of the two agreements below:
    • A60340 – Compressed gas orders are subject to delivery and rental fees charged separately from product.
    • A60357 - Compressed gases with prices and all fees bundled into one cost.
  2. Once the Requisition is fully approved, the resulting Purchase Order should be emailed to Airgas representative, Mike McCalister at

Recurring Service Instructions

Airgas does not automatically provide recurring service. Departments must contact Airgas each time they need to fill their cylinders, citing the PO number each time.

  1. The PO initiator will receive a reminder email 2 days before their normal delivery day with a link to place their order.
  2. The Airgas link will take the user to their specific product which they can place in their cart and complete the order process.
  3. Keep track of the amount of funds available on the purchase order.
  4. When the PO runs out of funds, do not amend it with a second line to allow for additional payments. Instead, create a NEW Requisition, following the same process outlined above.

Create Airgas Online Account

An online Airgas account is highly recommended for placing and tracking orders. 

  1. Email the following information to
    • Your name
    • Your Airgas account number(s) - you can access multiple accounts if needed
    • Your phone number
  2. Airgas will send you a welcome email, along with a list of resources.

Once your online account is established, contact Mike McCalister to apply UC pricing to your online account. 

The online Airgas account allows the creation of favorite item lists, stock availability and lead times, invoice viewing, outstanding cylinder inventory accounting, and cylinder pickup requests.