Compressed Gas Orders: NOW in AggieBuy

Gas Cylinder Sales and Rentals have transitioned out of UCD Buy and are now available with new system processes to expedite ordering.

Reasons for Process Changes

UCD Buy, the platform that has been used for compressed gas sales and rentals, is being decommissioned, as it is outdated and no longer a sustainable system.

The new processes expedite ordering, while providing increased visibility into the status of an order, system notifications, and tracking capability. There are automated delivery email notifications, as well as an automated email notification when a cylinder rental ends.

Department Initiates Gas Cylinder Order in AggieBuy

Compressed gas orders are now processed in AggieBuy, the university e-procurement system.

  • There is a Compressed Gas Cylinders tile in the Showcases section, UC Davis AggieSupply header.
  • Clicking on the tile allows the customer to place a request for a compressed gas order .  
  • The order will automatically route to the fiscal officer.  Email notifications will alert the fiscal officer that their approval is required.  After the fiscal officer has approved the request, it will route to the Central Storehouse for cylinder rental processing (see next section below), order fulfillment, and delivery.
  • You can view your AggieBuy order status and past orders using the Document Search functionality.

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Gas Cylinder Rental Processed by Storehouse Staff in AggieLogistics

After the gas order has been approved in AggieBuy, Central Storehouse staff process a gas cylinder rental request in AggieLogistics.  AggieLogistics can also be used to request the return of a gas cylinder and to track cylinder rental status:

  • Gas Cylinder Return form: used to identify a cylinder that is no longer needed by the department and being returned to Central Storehouse
  • Gas Cylinder Rental Report: used to view the status of cylinders currently rented by a department.
    • Note that this report will show all rentals made through the AggieLogistics portal, not previous rentals processed in UCD Buy. The MM Decision Support reports in UCD Buy can continue to be used for retrieving historical information on rentals processed through UCD Buy for now.

Haven't used AggieLogistics before? Learn more about AggieLogistics.


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