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Using the Vendor Document

The Vendor document is found on the main menu of the Kuali Financial System, listed under Purchasing/Accounts Payable.

When to use it:

  • If a new vendor is needed for a procurement or payment transaction.
  • If an update is needed to an existing vendor record, such as adding a new address.

What you’ll need:

How to process a request:

  1. Access the Vendor Lookup
    Click Vendor under the Vendor menu item.
  2. Determine if the vendor record already exists
    Search by each of the following criteria (separately, in this order):
    1. Tax ID (if you have it): it’s possible the vendor is listed under a different name from what you have; the system will not allow a duplicate tax ID.
    2. Vendor Name: use the wildcard (*) and use the most unique portion of the name;
    3. Make sure to leave the Active Indicator set to “Both”.
  3. If a result is found, determine if an update is needed
    1. Check the Active Indicator column, to make sure it is “Yes”.
    2. Click on the vendor’s name to view the addresses and determine if the one you need is there (use your browser’s “Find in page” function to easily locate the address in a long list).
    3. If you find the address, make sure the Active Indicator for that address is “Yes”.
  4. If the record needs changing, request an update
    1. Click the “edit” link to the left of the vendor’s name, in the search results
    2. Proceed to instructions on Editing a Vendor.
  5. If no result is found, create a vendor request
    1. Click the “create new” button in the upper right of the screen (just above the printer icon).
    2. Proceed to instructions on Creating a New Vendor.