Creating a New Vendor (Supplier)

The following instructions are for the basic creation of a vendor (supplier) record, using the Vendor document in the Kuali Financial System (KFS).

BEFORE adding a new supplier to KFS, you should always check to see if the needed item(s) are available in AggieBuy.  AggieBuy features more than 40 suppliers, and in most cases, you will likely find what you need in AggieBuy without needing to add a new supplier record in KFS.
The Vendor # is an internal number assigned for locating the vendor in our database, but is not information that will be helpful when communicating with the vendor.

Document Overview Tab

  • Complete the Description Field

    1. This is a required field for all KFS documents.  Insert a basic description, such as “Adding vendor Acme Construction”.

  • Complete the Explanation Field
    • When adding an individual, include the answers to these questions in the Explanation field:

      • Why is this vendor record being created?
      • Is the university paying them? If so, for what is the university paying them?
      • Are they paying the university? If so, for what are they paying the university?
      • Will any payment be over $500.00?
      • Please confirm and indicate that they are NOT a UC Davis employee (student employee, faculty, or staff) or university affiliate.  You can confirm this by performing a search on the Person Lookup in KFS.  This lookup indicates if the person is a staff, faculty, or affiliate of UC Davis.

Vendor Tab

  • Select the Vendor Type 

    • The default is PO.  Choose the type matching how you plan to use the vendor (e.g., PO for purchasing, DV for a straight payment, such as a membership).

  • Is this a foreign vendor?

    • This field defaults to "No." Only change if applicable.

  • Complete the Vendor Name or Vendor First Name and Vendor Last Name

    • Vendor Name can be used either for companies or for individuals (type their first and last name, in that case);

    • You can use Vendor First Name and Vendor Last Name for individuals, but be aware that they will then appear as "LastName, FirstName" in all searches.

  • DO NOT attach a W9 to your Vendor document. DO NOT attach any documents with Personally-Identifiable Information.
    1. W9 or personally-identifiable information can be uploaded through the secure upload form.
    2. US Tax Number or Foreign Tax ID Field: If you have this information, enter it.  Supplier Services will verify and/or enter when they receive the W9 from the vendor.  Do not electronically attach the W-9 to the Vendor document in KFS under any circumstances.

    3. Vendor Collects Sales Tax? If vendor is in California, or you are unsure of the tax status, mark “Yes”.

    4. Does this vendor have a presence in California? If the vendor has an address in California, check the box.

Address Tab

  1. Complete Address Type Field

    • Must have at least one address that matches the type of vendor: PO for PO type; Remit for DV type.

    • If using vendor on a purchasing document, must have one address that is Purchasing type.

  2. Complete Vendor Address Name Field: Does not have to be the same as the Vendor name, if they are doing business under another name.

  3. Address Lines

    • Minimum for US address: Address 1, City, State, Postal Code; use other fields as needed.

    • Minimum for Foreign: Address 1, City and Country; use other fields as needed.

    • Use official USPS abbreviations and avoid punctuation marks (e.g., use PO BOX, not P.O. BOX).

  4. Vendor Phone Number: required for each address.

  5. Email Address: required for each address.

  6. Click ADD button.

    • Click the ADD button in order to add the address to the record.

    • Continue to create as many addresses as needed or known for the vendor.

Insurance Details Tab

This section must be completed if insurance is required for the vendor, such as for a vendor that will be providing services or repairs on university property (refer to BUS-63 and additional insurance requirements).  The vendor's Certificate of Insurance should be attached in the Notes and Attachments section.

Notes And Attachments Tab

  • Note Text Field: Include a brief note describing what you are attaching.

  • Attached File: Browse for the BIF, insurance file or other document that you have for the vendor.

  • Attachment Type: Select the appropriate type.

  • Click ADD Button.

    • Click to add the note and attachment.

    • Additional notes and attachments can be added.

Submit Vendor Document for Approval

  1. You will receive an FYI of the document, in your KFS Action List, when the vendor record has been added.
  2. For new vendors, they will initially be added as inactive.
  3. After Supplier Services has received the W-9 from the vendor, and the necessary details have been confirmed, Supplier Services will send another FYI vendor document to alert you that the vendor record is active and ready to be used.