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Handling Credit Application Requests

The university does not typically agree to sign suppliers’ credit applications.

When requested by a supplier to do so, consider the following:

  • You may return an unsigned, but otherwise completed copy of the application along with a copy of our credit information. Occasionally, the supplier will be satisfied with this. Our UC Davis Credit Reference Letter contains this information. Contact Procurement and Contracting Services if you need a copy of the credit reference letter.
  • Does your department have a Procurement Card? If so, try using that with the supplier.
  • If the supplier refuses to accept either of the above two options, consider other sources for same or equivalent product who may process your purchasing transaction without a credit application process.

Submitting a Credit Application

As a last resort when you’ve tried the above avenues with no success, you absolutely require the product and cannot get it from any other source, you would need to:

  • Submit the application as an attachment to a KFS Purchase Agreement document.
  • Include a note in the Purchase Agreement document that you attempted to get the supplier to accept a requisition with the UC Davis credit reference letter without signing their agreement and that you weren't able to locate another source.
  • In the item description area of the Purchase Agreement document, please indicate what types of items you intend to purchase through the supplier on future requisitions.