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COVID-19 Information for Suppliers

This page discusses UC Davis’ expectations of our partners during this time of many employees and students returning to campus.

The information on this page is for suppliers wishing to visit any UC Davis facilities, except for the UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, where a different process is required.

While COVID-19 conditions continue to evolve, UC Davis maintains a cautious approach to the resumption of in-person activities, including, but not limited to, campus visits by outside individuals and suppliers.

Visitors and suppliers are expected to follow the same personal protection practices as students, staff, academics and others, as instructed on the UC Davis Campus Ready page.  The Campus Ready page includes information on a required symptom survey, as well as the conditions in which a face covering is required. 

Because this situation is ever-evolving, we recommend you bookmark the UC Davis Campus Ready page and refer back to it each time before you visit the campus.

If a visit to a campus department or individual is necessary to conduct business, please make arrangements first to ensure that the visit is expected and that someone is there to receive the visitor. Not all campus buildings are open, so confirming that a departmental representative will be available before coming to campus is important.

NOTE: Although COVID-19 testing is not required for UC Davis visitors, the Healthy Davis Together website has information on testing available to everyone, including visitors to UC Davis.