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Submitting Service Orders

Procuring services can be a very different process from procuring goods, with service orders often requiring supporting documentation and other pieces of information.

We offer the following tips for processing your requisition (REQS) or purchase agreement (PA) that will assist us in helping to expedite the completion of your service agreements and orders.

Before Starting Your Document

  • A W-9 and up to date insurance certificate must be on file for any vendor being used for a service. Make sure that the vendor record is complete before you start your order, by confirming that the W-9 received field is already set to "Yes", and the insurance fields are completed and dates are current. If none of this information is up to date, contact the  Vendor Desk for assistance. Taking care of this up front will prevent delays in the processing of your order. 

When Completing Your Document

  • Meaningful Description: Describe the request (e.g., "Singers for convocation") in the Description field at the top of the document. This appears as the title in the buyer's Action List, and makes for easier identification of your order.

  • Vendor Contact Information: Make sure you have complete vendor contact information on the document, including email address, the name of the contact you've been working with and a phone number.

  • Complete Details of Request: Provide a complete description of the scope of work, including deliverables, milestones and the length (term) of the contract term. A breakdown of costs is required. This information should generally be included on the REQS in the Items tab, Description field or on the PA in the Agreement Details tab, Line Desc field. If it is not practical to put all of this on the REQS or PA document itself, please attach a supporting document that includes these details.

Attach to Your Document

  • Quotes: A quote must be on the vendor's letterhead or formal quote form.

  • Individual: If obtaining the service from an individual (including sole proprietor using their SSN for tax purposes), an Independent Contractor (Individual) Pre-Hire Information Form on the Forms page is required.

    • If the request is for both product and service, the quote should include a breakdown of materials and labor.

    • If you have obtained additional quotes from other vendors, attach those as well.

  • Sole Source: If the intended contractor is the only known source for providing the necessary services, a Sole Source Justification and Individual Disclosure Statement on the Forms page are required.

  • Grant Related: If there is a grant related to the request, a copy of the grant must be attached.

Following these tips will assist us in more fully understanding your request and getting your order completed in a more timely fashion.

If you have any questions about service procurement, or are not sure if your specific order might need additional information attached, please contact the  Business & Revenue Contracts team.