Under the following conditions, departments can procure the services of performers without going through Contracting Services:

  1. The service must be an actual performer (see list below). This is not to be used for sound technician services or the use of performance related equipment. If you are unsure, contact the Business & Revenue Contracts team for guidance.

  2. The department must complete the Performance Agreement form on the Forms page and obtain the signature of the performer (this process is not appropriate for agreements with a performer's agent).

  3. The signed agreement must be attached to a KFS requisition (REQS).

  4. The vendor name (performer) on the signed agreement and the KFS requisition (REQS) must match.

  5. You must use the unrestricted commodity code specified on the Performance Agreement form.

Performances Allowed

  • This agreement may be used for a performer in one of these categories: magicians, clowns, actors, comedians, dancers, musicians, DJs, and singers.
  • This agreement may not be used for any of the following, which must come through Business Contracts due to liability issues:
    • sound technician services
    • the use of performance related equipment
    • performances involving fire or other incendiary device
    • performances involving acrobatic devices, including high-wire, stilts, ropes, etc.
    • performances involving connection of performer equipment to UC Davis owned sound systems
    • This agreement must be signed by the performer, and is not appropriate for signature by a performer's agent

If you are unsure whether the performer service you are procuring is allowable on this form, contact the Business and Revenue Contracts group for guidance (contact information below).


  1. Contact the performer and make your arrangements.

  2. Complete the Performance Agreement form.

  3. Obtain the signature of the performer on the form.

  4. Complete a Kuali requisition (REQS) document, using the commodity code 8215PERF.

  5. Scan the signed Performance Agreement form and attach to your requisition

    • The vendor name (performer) on the signed agreement and the KFS requisition (REQS) must match.

  6. Provide the performer with a copy of the completed purchase order (PO) generated by your requisition.

Note: If your requisition is for $5,000 or more, it will continue to come to Contracting Services, instead of going straight to a PO after all approvals.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact the Business and Revenue Contracts team.