Buying Software/Cloud-Based Services

This page describes compliance with applicable policies when purchasing software and cloud-based services.  These commodities may utilize sensitive data, requiring additional review prior to purchase authorization.

What is Sensitive Data?

There are many different types of sensitive data. If you are purchasing software or utilizing a cloud-based service that will utilize sensitive data, it is critical that you are aware of how that software will protect and secure that data. 

We strongly advise that you review the UC Davis policy PPM 320-20, as well as the University of California Security Protection policy documentation to familiarize yourself with the applicable rules and regulations.

Consult with your computer technical team FIRST.  

Make sure you understand the type(s) of software you need (quantity, licenses, compatibility with other equipment, etc.). Since some software purchases are non-returnable/non-refundable, it is important to ensure that you are purchasing the correct software for your specific needs. 

Locate an existing university software agreement whenever possible. 

With an existing agreement, the due diligence is already done! This means no supplier set-up and contract negotiation.  Agreements are available in:

  • Kuali Financial System (KFS): Use the Agreement Number Lookup; in the Description field, enter *SOFTWARE* (including the asterisks) to retrieve software agreements.
  • CalUSource: This agreement lookup provides another way to locate software agreements; enter software in the search field.  (NOTE: Google Chrome is the recommended Internet browser.)

To purchase against an existing software agreement:

  • Complete a KFS Requisition, citing the software agreement in the Agreement # field.
  • You can shop the AggieBuy computer software catalogs, including Dell.   Only items that are available from the AggieBuy stock catalogs can be purchased without additional required approvals. 
  • Conversely, you can use the Procurement Card, but only up to the dollar limit on the card, regardless of the agreement spending limit.  Refer to the Using the Procurement Card page for detailed instructions on how to process a Procurement Card transaction against an agreement.  NOTE: Only software on an existing purchase agreement may be purchased with the Procurement Card.  When performing the P-Card reconciliation in AggieExpense, there is also an Agreement # field that should be used to enter the KFS Agreement Number whenever the P-Card has been used to purchase against an established university purchasing agreement.

With pre-existing agreements, the vendor will not generally require you to sign any additional terms and conditions.  Departmental users are not authorized to sign on behalf of the university.  If you are asked to accept and/or sign any terms and conditions, please contact for assistance.

Complete the Appropriate KFS Document and Approval Form if there is no existing software agreement.

  1. If the request will be for a one-time software purchase, a KFS Requisition document should be completed.  If the request will be for ongoing software service and support, a KFS Purchase Agreement should be completed.
  2. Determine the sensitivity of the data with which you will be working:
  • *The Technical UISL signature responsibility for the Approval Form for Software and Related Services can be delegated to another individual if the department wishes to do so.  To establish a Technical UISL delegate, an email from the Technical UISL or a member of the department/unit’s leadership naming the person as delegate must be attached to the KFS Purchase Agreement document for each request.
  • The type of KFS document created determines what you do next:
    • If you created a KFS Requisition, a Purchase Order will be automatically created once the Requisition is fully approved.  The Purchase Order can then be used with the supplier.
    • If you created a KFS Purchase Agreement, Once the KFS Purchase Agreement document is approved by Procurement and Contracting Services, follow the instructions above for processing purchases against it.


Please contact the Strategic Sourcing team at

NOTE: Additional information is also available on the Software at UC Davis website.