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Buying Software/Software Services

Procurement & Contracting Services works with various suppliers in order to meet your software needs here at UC Davis. 

The preferred method for purchasing computer software is outlined below.

Personally Identifiable Information:  If you are purchasing software or utilizing a cloud-based service that will utilize and/or store employee, student, customer, research subject, or patient data, it is critical that you are aware of how that software will protect and secure any Personally Identifiable Information (PII), including, but not limited to, credit card and personal health information.  Refer to the definition of PII and list of PII examples (low, moderate, and high risk).  We strongly advise that you review the UC Davis policy PPM 320-20, as well as the University of California Security Protection policy documentation to familiarize yourself with the applicable rules and regulations. We also recommend that you refer to the information on purchasing software that will interface with student data.

The steps below are listed in order of recommendation.

  1. Consult with your computer technical team FIRST.   Make sure you understand  what type(s) of software you need (quantity, licenses, compatibility with other equipment, etc.). Since some software purchases are non-returnable/non-refundable, it is very important to ensure that you are purchasing the correct software for your specific needs.  There may be an existing university software purchasing agreement that you can utilize for the purchase. 

  2. Utilize an Existing University Software Agreement.  A list of preferred software agreements will soon be posted to this page.

    • Complete a KFS Requisition, citing an existing software agreement.  This is the preferred way to ensure that the terms and conditions associated with the software are properly followed and applied. 

    • Conversely, a Procurement Card can also be used for the procurement of software and cloud-based services, but ONLY if the agreement already exists in KFS.  The agreement number must be referenced in the Explanation field on the Procurement Card Document (PCDO) in KFS when the Procurement Card transaction is being reconciled.

  3. Create a KFS Purchase Agreement to the Supplier of your Choosing.  If there isn't an existing university purchasing agreement for the software or cloud-based service, you can complete a  KFS Purchase Agreement to the outside supplier of your choosing.  The Purchase Agreement will route to Procurement & Contracting Services for review and approval.  Procurement & Contracting Services (P&CS) buyer analysts review the supplier’s terms and conditions, confirm the security practices of the company, and ensure that all the appropriate safeguards are in place prior to the approval of the KFS document.  

    • As a reminder, departments do not have the authority to accept or sign any vendor/supplier terms and conditions or agreements, for products and/or services (including free trials) on behalf of the university.   Any supplier agreements requiring acceptance of any terms and conditions (by signature, click-through, or auto-acceptance) must be electronically attached to your KFS Purchase Agreement document.


  • Optional: Check AggieBuy.  There are several computer software catalogs available in AggieBuy, including those from CDWG and SHI.   Because there are various terms and conditions associated with software, we recommend identifying the items you want and confirming with our Strategic Sourcing team in AggieBuy first before purchasing the software .

Questions? Contact Strategic Sourcing at .  You can also refer to the  Software at UC Davis website.