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Buying Software/Software Services

Procurement & Contracting Services works with various suppliers in order to meet your software needs here at UC Davis. 

The preferred method for purchasing computer software is outlined below:

  1. Consult with your computer technical team FIRST. 
    Make sure you understand  what type(s) of software you need (quantity, licenses, compatibility with other equipment, etc.). Since some software purchases are non-returnable/non-refundable, it is very important to ensure that you are purchasing the correct software for your specific needs.  There may be an existing university software purchasing agreement that you can utilize for the purchase. 

  2. Process a KFS requisition against Software Agreement.
    Complete a KFS Requisition, citing an existing software agreement.  This is the preferred way to ensure that the terms and conditions associated with the software are properly followed and applied.  A list of preferred software agreements will soon be posted to this page.  If there isn't an existing university purchasing agreement for the software, you can complete a KFS Requisition to the outside supplier of your choosing; the Requisition will route to Procurement & Contracting Services for review and approval before a Purchase Order is created to the software supplier.

  3. Optional: Check AggieBuy.
    There are several computer software catalogs available in AggieBuy, including those from CDWG and SHI.   Because there are various terms and conditions associated with software, we recommend identifying the items you want and confirming with our Strategic Sourcing team in AggieBuy first before purchasing the software .

Questions? Contact Strategic Sourcing at strategicsourcing@ucdavis.edu .  You can also refer to the  Software at UC Davis website.