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Ordering & Receiving Radioactive Material

Guidance on purchasing and receiving radioactive material.

The purchase of radioactive materials must comply with 290-75 of the UC Davis Policy and Procedure Manual.


Purchases of radioactive chemicals with the following commodity codes may be made by departments with current Radiation Use Authorizations (RUAs) using a Requisition in KFS:

  • 12142207 Radioisotope sources

This policy applies regardless whether or not an agreement exists/is used. Appropriate Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) procedures must be followed (reference Policy and Procedure Manual Section 290-75).


All radioactive materials must be delivered to the following:

UC Davis Campus orders

UC Davis Health orders

Environmental Services Facility 
ATTN: [RUA# (if applicable) and researcher’s name] 
2201 Environmental Services Lane, Building L033 
Receiving Laboratory Rm 127 
Davis, CA 95616
UC Davis Health Physics 
ATTN: [RUA# (if applicable) and researcher’s name] 
4800 2nd Avenue 
FSSB, Ste 2500 
Sacramento, CA 95817


Questions relating specifically to the purchase of radioactive materials (including chemicals) may be directed to a member of the scientific/agricultural purchasing team.

Questions relating to radioactive materials policy may be directed to Safety Services in Davis or UC Davis Health Physics at 916-734-3355.