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Ordering & Receiving Radioactive Material

This page provides high-level guidance on purchasing and receiving radioactive material.

The purchase of radioactive materials must comply with 290-75 of the UC Davis Policy and Procedure Manual. We recommend that you bookmark and review the policy if you will be regularly purchasing radioactive material.


Purchases of radioactive chemicals with the following commodity codes may be made by departments with current Radiation Use Authorizations (RUAs) using a Requisition in KFS:

  • 12142207 Radioisotope sources

This policy applies regardless whether or not an agreement exists/is used. Appropriate Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) procedures must be followed (reference Policy and Procedure Manual Section 290-75).


All radioactive materials must be delivered to the following:

UC Davis Campus orders

UC Davis Health orders

Environmental Services Facility 
ATTN: [RUA# (if applicable) and researcher’s name] 
2201 Environmental Services Lane, Building L033 
Receiving Laboratory Rm 127 
Davis, CA 95616
UC Davis Health Physics 
ATTN: [RUA# (if applicable) and researcher’s name] 
4800 2nd Avenue 
FSSB, Ste 2500 
Sacramento, CA 95817


Questions relating specifically to the purchase of radioactive materials (including chemicals) may be directed to a member of the scientific/agricultural purchasing team.

Questions relating to radioactive materials policy may be directed to Safety Services in Davis or UC Davis Health Physics at 916-734-3355.