Revenue Agreements

Revenue Agreements are those for which UC Davis is receiving money.

Examples of revenue agreement include arrangements under which UC Davis is providing a service or being reimbursed for staff and faculty salary and benefit costs.

The vast majority of service agreements handled by Business & Revenue Contracts are based on an approved rate(s); as such, a rate approval letter signed by the requesting department’s dean or vice chancellor must be electronically attached to the KFS Purchase Agreement. 

Other revenue agreements, such as those involving research or sponsored activities, may be directed to Sponsored Programs by Business & Revenue Contracts.

After your revenue agreement is fully approved, the Accounts Receivable process can be established; several options are available.  These options will allow you to bill your client(s).

Commodity Codes for Revenue Agreements

There are five commodity codes for use on revenue agreements:

  • REV00001, Revenue for services provided by UC Davis - testing/analytical
  • REV00002, Revenue for services provided by UC Davis - miscellaneous
  • REV00003, Revenue for salary and benefit reimbursement
  • REV00004, Revenue from sponsorships received
  • REV00005, Revenue from commissions or royalties paid to UC Davis

Required Information for Each Revenue Agreement Request

  • Detailed Scope of work (who, where, when, what, why).
  • Exact rate attached to the service being provided.
  • Length of the agreement (specific start and end dates).
  • Total Not-to Exceed Amount (Not-to-Exceed amount should reflect contract and accounting lines entered on the document).
  • Complete client information (point of contact, address, email/secondary email); department should acquire this information from the client prior to submitting request.