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No-Cost Agreements

A No-Cost agreement requires the signing by a supplier of an agreement committing the university to specific terms and conditions.   

The KFS Purchase Agreement document is used to request the establishment of the agreement, with the required documentation and approvals electronically attached as indicated below.

Payment types vary, based on the type of agreement. 

  • In general, those related to travel or entertainment are to be paid on the UC Davis Travel Card. 
  • Those transactions not related to travel or entertainment are generally processed on a KFS Requisition and paid on a KFS Payment Request document, processed against the approved Purchase Order.

Types of No-Cost Agreements:                            

Catering Agreements

Whenever possible, it is preferable to use one of the pre-approved UC Davis Caterers. This can save your department time and money. However, if you wish to select a caterer that is not currently on the UC Davis Approved Caterers list, the following steps must be completed if the caterer will be physically present on UC Davis property:

Required information/documentation for KFS:

  • Supplier's Agreement (Review of Terms and Conditions)
  • Risk Management Approval of insurance limit requirements
  • Supplier's Certificate of Insurance naming UC as additionally insured
  • Complete Supplier information (point of contact, address, email/secondary email) department should communicate with supplier prior to submitting request.

If the caterer will not be physically present on UC Davis property, only item #1 above is needed and should be electronically attached to your KFS Purchase Agreement document.

Equipment Loan Agreements

Departments receiving equipment at no cost from an outside company may use the delegated Equipment Loan Agreement Form (available on the Procurement Forms page) unless changes are required, in which case the equipment loan must be processed through Business & Revenue Contracts. If a campus department is loaning equipment to another non-UC institution, Business & Revenue Contracts can draft an agreement specific to the arrangement.

Process: Equipment Loan agreements should require minimal processing time if the supplier agrees to utilize our equipment loan agreement. However, if the suplier wishes to utilize their own agreement, Business & Revenue Contracts is required to review and edit the agreement to conform to University Policies.

Required information/documentation for KFS:

  • University Equipment Loan Agreement signed by the supplier
  • Supplier's Equipment Loan Agreement (If they refuse to utilize our agreement)

Facility/Land Use Agreements (Less than one Year)

Land use and facility use agreements/permits are for non-exclusive use of and generic access to non-university land or facilities for a period of less than one year. Select the appropriate type of Facility Use Agreement when processing your purchase agreement in KFS, Facility Use Agreement 30 days or less, or Facility Use Agreement over 30 days. Most facility agreements for 30 days or less are agreements in which the university/department wishes to utilize supplier's space to host events. Off-site storage rentals of less than a year also fall under this designation. 

Please allow 24 weeks for processing.

Contact the UC Davis Real Estate Services Office if processing a Facility/Land Use Agreement over one year, for any transactions involving UC Davis property, and for modification requests to land or property.

Required information/documentation for KFS:

  • Supplier’s land use/facility agreement.
  • Supporting documentation for use of facility/land use.
  • UC Certificate of Insurance naming supplier additionally insured *if required*.
  • UC Davis Risk Management Services Approval (can be electronically attached to KFS document).
  • Complete Supplier information (point of contact, address, email/secondary email); department should acquire this information from the supplier prior to submitting request.

Lodging/Hotel Agreements

Some hotels may require the university to sign an agreement agreeing to their terms before we can use their facility for lodging. 

Required information/documentation for KFS:

  • Supplier Agreement (Review of Terms and Conditions)
  • UC Certificate of Insurance naming supplier additionally insured *if required*.
  • UC Davis Risk Management Services Approval (can be electronically attached to KFS document).
  • Complete Supplier information (point of contact, address, email/secondary email); department should acquire this information from the supplier prior to submitting request .


“Miscellaneous” includes those non-research agreements that require an authorized university signature. Examples include agreements under which the university will have the right to use websites for book sales and rentals, applications for licenses, applications for shipment to embargoed countries, and Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs).

Required information/documentation for KFS:

  • Supplier Provided Agreements
  • Any supporting documentation
  • Document provided is partially-executed (signed by one party) 

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Such agreements are requested when a company wants UC Davis to perform services (or vice versa) but need to be able to a.), discuss a potential project in detail prior to committing to work and b.), ensure that any confidential or proprietary information disclosed will not be shared with any other party. Such agreements are not necessary if work is commencing and the other party only wants to ensure confidentialityour standard services agreement contains detailed confidentiality obligations. Note: Non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements pertaining to the purchase of a commodity are processed by Procurement & Contracting Services; those relating to research projects are processed by Sponsored Programs. When submitting a request for a non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement, please include a statement explaining the type of service or description of the project the agreement is to cover.

Required information/documentation for KFS:

  • Non-disclosure agreement provided by the supplier.
  • EXACT information to be exchanged between the parties and the subject matter.
  • Term (How long; specific start and end dates).
  • Is the NDA in connection with an existing services agreement or is it a new service agreement?

Online Subscription Agreements:

Online subscriptions include those for academic informational database access. Most suppliers require the acceptance of terms and conditions by the university prior to service delivery. These agreements are to be processed via the KFS Purchase Agreement (PA) document in KFS, and electronically attached to the PA.  AFTER the PA document has been APPROVED by a member of the Procurement & Contracting Services team, payments should be processed on the Procurement Card

Training Agreements (Internships):

These types of agreements are for:

  • UC Davis students and staff to study elsewhere (non-UC Davis institution) or
  • Non-university individuals to study at UC Davis

Required information/documentation for KFS:

  • Program details of internship (outline the specific roles/responsibilities of all parties).
  • Objectives are clearly identified and outlined.
  • Supplier-provided internship agreement (if none, Business & Revenue Contracts will create an agreement).
  • Complete scope of work.