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AggieBuy: Void Order Process

Requests to VOID a KFS Purchase Order associated with an AggieBuy order are processed by the AggieBuy Help Desk.

A request to VOID a KFS Purchase Order associated with an AggieBuy order will need to be made to the AggieBuy Help Desk at  The request should include documentation from the applicable supplier that no part of the order will be fulfilled.  Requests submitted without proof of order cancellation will not be considered for orders placed within the last 60 days. If any part of an order has been received, it should NOT be voided.

Voiding an order should ONLY be done if the supplier is unable to fulfill ANY part of the order and has communicated this information to the department in writing.  

This process does NOT apply to the CLOSE ORDER button on a KFS Purchase Order.  The CLOSE ORDER button appears when some payment activity has already occurred on a Purchase Order and is used to close an order where the remaining items on the order are not going to be fulfilled by the supplier. 

NOTE: This process does NOT apply to KFS Purchase Orders created as a result of the manual creation of a Requisition in KFS